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Australian Mango Varieties

Kensington Pride (Also Known As The Bowen)

The Berry Man is an Australian, family-owned business that wholesales top-quality frozen berries, frozen acai berries, fruits and purees. The Berry Man operates out of Brookevale in Sydney’s northern beaches and has distribution throughout metro Sydney. We are also happy for customers to come in and pick up stock.

Quality products and quality service are what we stand by, and with all of our berries, we tell you what you need to know to make the decision that’s right for your business. From packaging considerations to nutritional values and country of origin – we make sure you get the information you need.

Our Frozen Mango is sourced from Queensland and the Northern Territory of Australia and is predominantly Kensington Pride, considered the best variety because of its soft golden flesh with sweet flavour and strong mango aromatics.

Our distribution is throughout Sydney plus most major cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra etc.

Flavour: Sweet and tangy

Texture: Rich juicy flesh

Colour: Yellow to orange skin tinged with a pretty pink blush. Vibrant yellow flesh.

Size: Medium

Ripening Cues: A strong mango aroma and slightly soft to touch

Peak Availability: September – February

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The process is simply to remove the skin – the fleshy cheeks are sliced off the seed, then frozen. Australian mangos are high in antioxidants, and are a rich source of fibre and are packed with Vitamins A and C.

For many Australians, the mango is the taste of summer. As a versatile tropical fruit, the mango brings an instant flavour and colour hit to every dish, whether it be a salad, curry or tasty snack such as this Mango, lime and chilli salt recipe from Gourmet Traveller.

Australia produces approximately 45,000 tonnes of mangoes a year with the Sunshine State (QLD) taking the mantle of top producer at 72% of the total market. The potential for growth, however, has seen regions such as the NT increase their production dramatically, with NT now accounting for 23% of production. Currently 90% of the commercial crop in Australia is Kensington Pride, though new varieties such as Calypso™, R2E2 and Honey Gold™ are increasing in popularity amongst growers and consumers.