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The Berry Man specialises in top quality frozen berries, frozen fruits and frozen fruit purees. We trust that you will find each of our products healthy and delicious.

This business has been a wholesale supplier of frozen berries, fruits and purees for more than 20 years and is committed to quality and service.

The following pages will provide you with a range of information about The Berry Man's frozen berries, fruits and purees.

You will be able to find out the price of our frozen fruit, the packaging type and how we deliver out berries, as well as the source of our frozen fruit and finally, nutritional information.

There are also recipe suggestions on how to use frozen berries and fruits and we are progressively adding to these.

Also, have a look at our revealing discussion on the benefits of frozen vs. fresh fruits. You may be surprised!

And have a berry healthy life!

We select the varieties that we believe offer the best flavour and give the best results for our customers. View Range

Berry Man frozen fruits are chosen from the best quality frozen fruits available. View Range

Our frozen purees are pure fruit. There are no preservatives or enhancements to flavour. View Range

Acai is a highly nutritous fruit that grows naturally in the Amazon rain forests. It is available as a frozen puree. View Range

Update on health scare: Patties Foods

We would like to assure all of our customers that we are 100% clear of any implications to the supply channels impacting Patties Foods.

All suppliers of The Berry Man must have strict quality systems that are independently audited, and our agents routinely inspect these manufacturers to verify that all systems are being adhered to. The Berry Man itself is independently audited in Australia for our quality systems, recognised by our HACCP accreditation which is obtainable on request.

Customers of The Berry Man can be assured that the fruit we supply is of the highest quality available.

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