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Frozen fruit and berries for your smoothies and gelatos

Whether you need fruit pulp, fruit juice, veggies or frozen berries, we should be your trusted supplier. Isn’t it nice to have frozen fruits and berries for when you feel like smoothies and gelatos? The Berry man has it all!

Based in Brookvale on Northern Beaches of Sydney, The Berry Man is a specialised wholesale frozen fruit supplier. Established in 1989, we are a family owned and run business with more than 30 years of experience. So you can trust us with our products.

We supply a range of fruits and vegetables, frozen fruit, berries, purees, juices, pulps and freeze-dried ingredients to leading food service, food distribution and food manufacturing businesses. We have efficient depots in New South Wales and Victoria, and also via distributors in Queensland and Western Australia.

Everything we do comes from our core values of service, quality and reliability. Our new state of the art freezer warehouses in Brookvale NSW & Sunshine West VIC have the combined capacity to hold approximately 900 pallets. This allows far greater flexibility in our operations.

Taking care of your needs and demands is paramount to us but we also try to do our bit for the environment. We commissioned a solar power facility to offset our carbon emissions, which will provide around one-third of our energy requirements and avoid approximately 6100 tons of CO2 going into the atmosphere annually!

We have always been confident and take pride in the products and the service we offer you. This is solely the reason why we are the supplier of choice for many wholesalers in metro and regional Australia.

Wondering what to buy from us? Whatever you like in fruits and berries!

We offer only the highest quality products so you will always have delicious desserts and drinks. Our products include:


We offer frozen purees that are made from the best quality imported and local fruits but are manufactured here in Australia and to Australian standards.

We assure you that all our frozen purees are pure fruit with no additives and no added water. Also, our lime and lemon juices come from locally grown Australian limes and lemon that are free of preservatives, sweeteners, and artificial colours.


With the best quality IQF berries in the market, we set the benchmark. We always aim to source our berries locally, but the nicest cold climate fruits may come from Europe or South America. Our berries are 100% free from additives, preservatives and GMO materials. We care about your health and that’s why we make sure to trade with companies that have a HACCP certification and receive laboratory reports to demonstrate each shipment is free of bacteria and chemical residues.


Frozen fruits and vegetables offered by The Berry Man are always fresh and are chosen from the highest quality produce available. These fruits and vegetables are free from all artificial flavours, preservatives and additives and are part of a healthy diet.
We always maintain a very healthy and detailed procedure to have the best possible internal quality standards. Fruits and veggies are firstly washed under adequate pressure water, then dried, frozen, packaged and ultimately sent to cold storage. All the steps are usually complete within a day of picking, so they retain maximum freshness, flavour and nutritional value when they reach you.
One of the best things about our fruits and veggies is that they are available all year round. There’s no need to wait for your favourite fruit to come in season to enjoy it. This certainty of availability and affordable pricing gives you the ability to plan menus and production with assurance.


Our broad range of freeze-dried products are processed from 100% fruit. These don’t have any anti-caking agents, preservatives or additives.


We supply Amazon Power. The first and most well known acai brand in Australia that maintains the best quality, consistency, innovation and elite customer support.


We stock up a selection of unique products especially to supplement berries, purees and juices.

Just like the premium products we supply, we strive to work with wholesalers who share our beliefs and values of service, quality and reliability. We are always looking forward to discussing new partnerships that can extend our reach and provide mutual advantages.

We supply bulk and portioned products to help you create year-round favourite drinks, desserts and many more. Tell us your needs or ask us about our products, browse our website to place an order or enquire about working with us.