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    Beer brewing / fermenting

    Our fruits are already used by brewers to create summer recipes and year-round favourites.

    Beer brewing / fermenting

    Beer brewing / fermenting

    Our contribution to craft brewing has been a pretty wild ride. Initially we had a company policy where we wouldn’t sell to any brewers, we would only trade berries for beer. Most sales were less than $100 so it was a good deal for both of us plus we got to try some amazing new beers we wouldn’t normally get to taste.

    But it became clear that this pocket of the brewing landscape had a lot to offer. It promised new flavour, colour and texture combinations that could enhance existing beers and create entirely new categories of their own. It gave brewers so many more levers to pull to achieve unique flavour combinations using ingredients that gel with the notions of ‘first principles brewing’, ‘farm to table’, and natural ingredients. And while certainly there is a time and place for derivatives such as concentrates & essences (yes, we sell concentrates) the core idea of fruit beers seemed more aligned with exploring the limits of what can be achieved with ‘every day’ fruits.

    So our journey progressed from sporadic contra deals to the odd seasonal, then we cracked our first core ranges. Now we have significant ongoing work in QLD, NSW and VIC.

    What do we offer?

    Creating new beers every week or two can place a huge strain on your time and energy. The good news is we’re here to help. At The Berry Man we have a great track record of sourcing new and bespoke ingredients for specific production runs. We also have a massive back catalogue of products that have been successfully implemented in beer, seltzers, non-alc drinks and spirits.

    Below is a list of ingredients and their various formats that we’ve sold to the brewing and distilling industry since July ‘21. The idea of this list is to inspire creativity, conversations & idea generation. Some of these were one offs, some are consistently stocked and others are able to be produced with a short lead time. Critical here is not only the massive variety of products, but also the formats in which they are available.

    Our core wholesale business is IQF fruits so the vast majority of these are on hand 24/7. But from these IQF fruits we can produce purees, aseptic/pasteurised/unpasteurised juices, HPP juices and even freeze-dried variants. We have relationships with processors in QLD, NSW, VIC & TAS that produce for us under contract, and with enough volume & lead time we can produce to your specific requirement.

    What do we offer?

    How can we help you?

    As an advisor

    As an advisor

    We’ve helped develop hundreds of beers, and core to a successful product is understanding what the brewer needs out of flavour/colour/mouthfeel, but also physical handling and how it will be used in the brew house. Speak to the team today about upcoming requirements and find out how we can help improve product quality and ease of use.

    As a wholesaler

    As a wholesaler

    We carry a broad range of stock items that are consistently available in standard pack sizes. We are competitively priced, and our industry leading knowledge ensures you will get the product that best matches your needs.

    As an advocate

    As an advocate

    Send us a mixed case of cold beers and we promise to drink your gift and talk glowingly to family, friends and well-wishers about your contribution to our Friday drinks.

    Why trust us?

    Beer is a passion for all of us, and if we weren’t part of the industry on the supply side we’d still be front and centre on the customer side. We’d still go to GABS, we’d still go to the local beer fests. We’ve even gone to Oktoberfest a handful of times. But if you’re measured by the company you keep, here are some of your industry mates who trust on fruit advice and supply.

    Case study

    4 Pines Brewery

    Anyone with ‘Massive Lover of Beer’ in their job title has got to have the best job in the world. Andrew Tweddell is also the Head Brewer at the 4 Pines Brewing Company based in Manly, NSW, where he is in charge of all new product development.

    Case Study
    Case Study







    DescriptionFrozen IQFFrozen puree / juiceAseptic puree / juiceHPP juiceConcentrate
    Blood orange
    Black currant
    Blood Plum
    Lemon Juice
    Lemon zest
    Lime juice
    Lime zest
    Mandarin zest
    Mixed berry
    Orange zest
    Sour Cherry