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Fruits & Vegetables

Our frozen fruits and vegetables are fresh, healthy and chosen from the best quality produce available. Our products are pure fruit with no artificial flavours, preservatives or additives. They are washed, dried, frozen, packaged and sent to cold storage usually within a day of picking, so they reach our customers retaining maximum freshness, flavour and nutritional value.

Our fruits and vegetables are available all year round, not just when in season. This certainty of pricing and availability means you can plan menus and production with confidence.

Case Study

De Toni Patisserie & Bakery

De Toni Patisserie & Bakery is a premium wholesale provider of cakes, desserts and pastries based on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. Husband and wife team Klemen and Malci moved their family to Australia in 2010 when Klemen had the opportunity to expand his skills in pastry and study at the famous Le Cordon Bleu…

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