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De Toni Patisserie & Bakery

Husband and wife team go from humble beginnings to sweet success

De Toni Patisserie & Bakery is a premium wholesale provider of cakes, desserts and pastries based on the Northern Beaches in Sydney.

Husband and wife team Klemen and Malci moved their family to Australia in 2010 when Klemen had the opportunity to expand his skills in pastry and study at the famous Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute in Sydney.

Soon after, Klemen and Malci established their own patisserie business, which today has grown to 32 team members and a full production kitchen servicing hotels, restaurants, cafes, events and high tea catering as well as multiple airlines, showgrounds and stadiums.

De Toni’s desserts and slices are known for their colorful appearance and fruity flavors, with mango, passionfruit, strawberry, raspberry, cherry and blackcurrant being some of the most popular. The quality of the ingredients was extremely important, so Klemen and Malci went on the search for a partner that could deliver that quality along with excellent service, a convenient delivery schedule and a good working relationship.

Klemen heard about The Berry Man from another patisserie and got in touch.

“We decided to work with The Berry Man because of the attention to quality. At the time we were trailing products from a few other suppliers, but in the end the quality of The Berry Man fruit was just better.”

Klemen, De Toni Patisserie & Bakery

Klemen’s favorite Berry Man products to work with are mango, passionfruit pulp and juice, IQF cherries, strawberries and raspberries. He is also working to expand De Toni’s range past the classical flavors and is developing new recipes based on products including pear, apricot and lychee.

“There are many reasons I enjoy working with The Berry Man, however, the ones that standout are on-time delivery and consistent quality throughout the year,” Klemen continued.

“Greg and his team are always striving for the best in customer service and product quality. Furthermore, their willingness to give free samples has been very beneficial for our product development. We are very grateful to be working with such a supportive team.”

Looking to the future, Klemen and Malci have big plans to expand on their success so far.

“We recently moved production to a band-new factory, and are ready for expansion. We plan to increase business with airlines, cruise lines, event centres and distribution centres as well as grow our presence interstate. It’s a lot, but we feel confident we have the right team and the right suppliers in place to succeed.”