Frequently Asked Questions

You can complete our online wholesaler application form here, or get in contact with us so we can best assist in your specific wholesaling needs.
To open an account we will need some basic information from you, which can be emailed in or phoned in (we would love to have a chat with you and see how we can best assist your business). Details that we will require are ; business name, address, email, telephone number, proprietor’s and person ordering details.
Business/Trading name, ABN/CAN, Address, Email, Proprietor’s Name, home address, mobile, email, - Name of accounts staff, email and phone, 2 supplier references (name, address, email and phone), Signed by the business manager or owner.
Berry Man currently has 3 ways to place an order. Texting (response to an sms reminder the day before), phoning in your order, or via email.
Delivery is free for orders over $75 to the metro Sydney region (please call to ensure your suburb is inside our delivery area). For all orders outside of this area, we can offer courier services (additional costs) or you may choose to pick it up directly from our warehouse.
You can pick it up directly from our warehouse (no minimum order amount), or we can add the difference to make it $75 e.g. if your order is $60, we will add a $15 delivery fee to make it $75.
No. Currently the Berry Man only delivers to business customers, however, anyone can purchase directly from our Manly Vale warehouse Mon -Fri 8am-4pm.
Yes. All of our stock is transported using freezer trucks at -18C to ensure it is frozen on arrival.
To ensure regular and on time deliveries, The Berry Man delivers to certain areas of Sydney on certain days. To find out what your delivery days are, please call the team on 9907 9600 with your business location.
Many of our customers provide keys to the premises if they are closed during the day or hours of delivery. If this isn't an option you pick up your stock or request to have it delivered to a neighbouring business (if permission granted).
Our courier partners charge based on distance from Sydney CBD and the number of cartons being transported. Please call the team on 9907 9600 for a quote. Example 1: 1-6 carton travelling 0-25km from Sydney CBD = $35 + GST Example 2: 1-6 cartons travelling 25-50km from Sydney CBD = $55 + GST
We deliver on weekdays to Sydney metro area only.
Yes, but you will typically incur the freight cost which ranges from $250 - $500 per delivery. Freight charges may be avoided depending on size and frequency of orders.

Fill out the form in the link below or online and email it to, or you can call 9907 9600 and speak to a team member.

If you’re an existing customer, you can place an order one of three ways;

  • 1.SMS - 0447 879 064
  • 2. Email -
  • 3. Phone - 02 9907 9600
The Berry Man accepts cash on delivery, cheque or you can prepay via EFT.
No. We only take cash, cheque or prepayment via EFT.

The Berry Man is open to all customers and the general public Monday - Friday from 8am-4pm. There is no minimum order required. Please note that we do not accept card payments - cash only.

Our products are stocked by distributors interstate and throughout Sydney (please call us if you need specific products). Victoria - Tree Top Juices; QLD - Le Petit Gourmet; WA - Zuka Alliance

We offer wholesalers the full range of Berry Man products in 1kg bags with cartons of either 8kg or 10kg depending on the product. If wholesalers have special label, branding or delivery requirements we are happy to facilitate this to have our product on your shelves in a display that best suits your business. Pricing offered to wholesalers reflects the volume of stock purchased - so if you are interested in stocking our products please call the sales team to discuss how we can work together.

IQF stands for individually quick frozen.

The Berry Man is one of the largest distributors of Organic Acai in Australia. Well sell it in a variety of formats in both Original and Raw (unsweetened).
See our recipes page for some great ideas on how to start using Acai in your business today.
Our berries are sourced locally where possible, but we also source from South and North America, Europe and Asia. Click into the page for the product you are interested in and there we list its country of origin.
Products are grown and packed in accordance with agreed upon international standards. Products undergo microbiological and chemical testing at the grower's site and The Berry Man receives certification of the testing for each product. For Imported products, Australian customs (AQIS) do their own inspections via random testing. Finally, any products (sprays etc) that are banned in Australia cannot be used on products headed for Australia.
There are no other artificial colours or preservatives, thickeners or water added to any of our products.
The Australian standard for frozen fruit is that it is available for up to 2 years from packing if it has been continuously frozen. Other countries may allow 3 years.
We recommend that you treat your purees like milk. You should defrost them in a fridge, not at room temperature. Always keep put them back in the fridge when not using. Under these conditions, you can expect to consume for up to one week after thawing.

Yes, we have been HACCP certified since 2003 and registered with the Kashrut authority since 2005.

The Berry Man only carries A grade fruit. If you receive a product which is unsatisfactory when it is delivered it will be replaced. Please note that it is critical that frozen fruit is stowed in your freezer as soon as possible after arrival. Thawing and refreezing is likely to be the major source of problems and this will not be covered if the fruit arrives in good condition.

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